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Posts from the ‘Recipes from Readers’ Category

Gord’s Porchetta

My cousin, Gord, has long been an enthusiastic, adventurous and wonderful cook. We spent a lot of time together as children, since our mothers were best friends and they also married into the same big family. I have many memories of fun times spent together, particularly in the summers at Crescent Beach. When the tide was out, Gord and I would often go way out onto the sandbars to collect clams. Having unlimited energy, after the long walk, the dig, and carrying home our bounty, we would with great excitement begin the process of putting the chowder together. We had such fun then, seeking out and experimenting with ingredients and techniques, and I am delighted that we are still sharing this passion. He has contributed this story and photographs of a recent Porchetta-making experience. Read more

Ruth Ladd’s Famous Almond Roca

I don’t know Ruth Ladd, but I do know that this Almond Roca has probably been enjoyed by thousands of people who know my friend, Lulu, who shared this recipe with me recently. She has made it every Christmas for many years with her sister-in-law. My version may not look like the original, but I do know how fast it is disappearing…thank you, Lulu! Read more

Paula’s Apple Pie


Yesterday I picked up a 20 pound box of Gala and Fuji apples from Jamie (see this post). The apples are crunchy and juicy and great for eating, but I also plan to use them in this fantastic apple pie recipe sent to me by my friend, Paula. I have tasted it but not yet baked one myself and I can tell you, it is wonderful. Instead of slicing the apples, they are grated, giving the filling a luscious smooth apple consistency. The recipe won Paula first prize (judged by John Bishop) for best apple dessert baked with apples from the bountiful trees of a neighbour who shares her crop this way. Read more

Mackie’s Squash Dilemma

My friend, Mackie, is a natural cook, with the ability to put together whatever ingredients happen to be on hand, instinctively and without a recipe. Yesterday, knowing how I am welcoming reader ideas to this site, she was describing her squash dilemma to me in her off-hand and humorous way and I persuaded her to share it here. So, here is Mackie’s story and recipe, and a photograph of an array of squashes from the 2-acre permaculture garden of her son, Eli, and his partner, Christy, who live near Bellingham. More on Eli and Christy’s creative enterprise below. Read more

Recipes from Readers

I have been thrilled with the response from family and friends about this new project of mine. People who I have met over the years in different places are tuning in, just as I hoped they would. This is exactly what I meant in my Discussions post about connecting and nourishing friends, family, and community through food. Yesterday I received this first recipe from a reader – I urge others to do the same and I’ll do my best to post recipes as soon as possible under the brand new heading in the Menu bar called Recipes from Readers. With family seasonal celebrations ahead, how about sending me favourite recipes that are traditional at your family table? Read more