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Louisa’s Ricotta Cake

If you use the Scardillo Italian Style Ricotta Cheese that I recommended for the ricotta gnocchi, you will find that there will be about 1 cup of cheese remaining after making the gnocchi. You will not have to wonder any longer what to do with the leftover cheese if you check out the Food52 website here where you will find a ton of ideas from savoury to sweet. It made me think of Iron Chefs and how many different ways they think of to use one ingredient. Bravo to Food52 for using healthy ricotta cheese for one of their contests. I am eager to try many of them over the next while but here is the winner of the contest, with two adjustments that I have made: less sugar, and raspberry sauce to accompany it. Read more

Easy Ricotta Gnocchi

GnocchiI have recently discovered, thanks to, a melt-in-your-mouth, simple-to-prepare Italian ricotta gnocchi recipe that produces gnocchi much lighter than their potato cousins. You can make them up in 10 minutes, freeze them, then cook them to order. Make sure you have a good quality ricotta cheese, like the one photographed below, which can be purchased at Les Amis du Fromage. I served them with tomato sauce (recipe following) or you can sauté them in butter and sage, or toss them with pesto, or meat sauce, or… Read more