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Gord’s Porchetta

My cousin, Gord, has long been an enthusiastic, adventurous and wonderful cook. We spent a lot of time together as children, since our mothers were best friends and they also married into the same big family. I have many memories of fun times spent together, particularly in the summers at Crescent Beach. When the tide was out, Gord and I would often go way out onto the sandbars to collect clams. Having unlimited energy, after the long walk, the dig, and carrying home our bounty, we would with great excitement begin the process of putting the chowder together. We had such fun then, seeking out and experimenting with ingredients and techniques, and I am delighted that we are still sharing this passion. He has contributed this story and photographs of a recent Porchetta-making experience. Read more

Sparerib Memories

Turns out, to my constant delight, that not only recipes but the joy of cooking is pass-downable. From playing at my feet with wooden spoons and pots and pans in the kitchen as babies, to asking for recipes from college, and now to calling with a cooking question from their own kitchens, my two sons and I continue to share the joy of cooking.

Last night Jason called to check in about an old favourite of his, spareribs with barbecue sauce, a meal he often requested as a child. I love spareribs too, but seldom make them these days, so I asked him to document his preparations. He sent me the old recipe which he had written down over the phone during his school days, the photos you see here, and the final verdict: “They turned out great – just as I remembered them…one of my all-time favourites.” Read more

Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder with Apples, Onions & Herbs

A rainy Sunday with the aroma of slow-roasting pork, music, and a glass of wine…lovely. Read more