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The Pleasures of a French Baguette: So Simple, So Perfect

My friend, Kathleen, is immersing herself for a month in French language and culture in the south of France. I have long admired her way of diving into experiences, pushing herself to learn new things and getting the most out of every minute.

Here is her story:

Diane, this does not qualify at all as a “recipe” but I wanted to send you something from my “aventure Français” here in Villefranche. Of course it’s customary to stop in to the boulangerie on the way home from class for a fresh baguette — but one person can’t eat the whole thing while it’s still fresh. So, my landlady has supplied a sort of grill pan that is exactly the same as the toaster we use over the campfire at the ranch. She gave me a small tin of beautiful local olive oil and a carton of fleur de sel from the Camargue. I toast a few slices of the not-so-fresh baguette over the gas flame, drizzle it with the olive oil and sprinkle with the fleur de sel. So simple, and so perfect. All that’s left is to pour myself an apéritif, and settle down on my little balcony to watch life unfold in the village at my feet, with small boats bobbing on the blue, blue Mediterranean below. Can this be real?

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