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Posts from the ‘Poultry’ Category

Peruvian Lime Chicken

If you’re wondering what to get ready today for Sunday night dinner, here’s an idea. Blend the marinade today, smear it all over the chicken and put it in a zip-lock bag to soak up all of the deep garlic and lime flavours before roasting it tomorrow. Then go vote! Read more

Braised Chicken Breasts with Cider and Parsnips

I am cooking my way through Molly Stevens‘ terrific book All About Braising: A Treasury of One-Pot Meals, which is full of winter comfort food. This chicken dish lived up to the praise on the inside cover: “The miracle of this cooking technique is that it asks so little of the cook yet delivers fork tender food bathed in a delectable sauce”. Read more

Pulled Turkey on Kaiser Buns

After the obligatory turkey sandwiches with mayo and/or cranberry, this is a tasty way to use up the rest of the leftovers. The day I made these was cold and rainy and I felt like staying indoors and making my own Kaiser buns. If you are not keen to do this, by all means buy them so you can try this filling. Read more

Brined Roasted Turkey with Italian Sausage Stuffing

It seems as if every year I try a different way to roast a turkey and I’m usually not very happy with it. The turkey is dry, over or undercooked, etc. etc. Each year I swear I’ll never cook one again, mostly because of the number of dirty dishes a turkey dinner creates. But, like most things, time makes me forget all that and I’m again craving the aroma of a roasting turkey in the oven and looking forward to having family and friends around the table. Read more

Chicken Marbella

This recipe for Chicken Marbella has been kicking around since The Silver Palate Cookbook first came out in 1979. I have countless friends who come back to this chicken dish time and time again because of its flavour, the convenience of making it ahead of time and the fact that it can be easily adjusted to serve a small or large gathering. Read more